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A Kind and Healing Practice

Namaste. Welcome to this meeting where you will join me on a journey of relaxation, visualization, and healing, a pampering that you deserve so much. Let's go together into the magical world of meditation. You will soon see that the ability for meditation is a faculty that we all possess, that is within our reach, and that we can train.

The term meditation refers to focusing on a specific element, whether internal, such as one's own thoughts or external, in a state of deep concentration and reflection.

In meditation, the aim is to free the mind from its usual preoccupations and emphasize the present. It is usually based on focusing fully on the now by concentrating on breathing, thinking, or consciousness itself.

Meditation helps us as individuals to connect with ourselves, to understand ourselves, and to grasp our own potential. It also allows us to observe reality more objectively, as well as the values and goals that govern us.

Our day-to-day life is stressful and challenging, demanding us to be constantly active and prepared to adapt to our environment's novelties and changes. The lifestyle we lead, both at work and in our private life, can become frenetic and cause us stress, tension, and a feeling of not getting everything done.

Today I remind you that we have the divine power to disconnect from time to time to focus on what is truly essential. Meditation and relaxation techniques are of great help: to contribute to personal well-being in this practice, we will perform a simple but powerful exercise.

To learn to pacify the coming and going of thoughts, it is enough to meditate a few minutes every day. Consistency in practice is an essential part of cultivating this quality of inner peace.

Okay, let's begin our practice now.

Find a comfortable place where you can relax and be at ease. You can look for a place in nature that you like: on the beach, leaning against a tree, in your garden...

Sit on a chair or the ground with your back straight but relaxed. If you sit on the floor, you can sit on a pillow to make yourself more comfortable. Now let's take three deep breaths. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. It will help you to relax.

When you are ready, you can slightly close your eyes. Allow your breath to flow naturally. Allow the in-breath and out-breath to gradually settle into their usual rhythm, without pressure, without blockages, without attachments.

Let yourself go. From this restful state, concentrate your attention on your breathing. Simply observe how the air enters when you breathe in and how the air leaves when you breathe out. Air in, air out, air in, air out...

(Middle pause)

It is possible that some thought distracts your attention. This is normal. When this happens— without getting angry, with kindness and gentleness — focus your attention back on your breathing.

Concentrate again on the air coming in and out, your body expanding with each inhalation, your body relaxing with each exhalation... and if another thought comes, again, aim your attention to the pleasant sensation of your breath going in and out.

You become aware of the darkness of your closed eyes, and suddenly you begin to see that, in it, a small light flares up and slowly grows in strength, inviting you to come closer. As you do so, you feel the clarity slowly course through your body, leaving a gentle tingle that relaxes you in its wake: your journey is beginning.

(Short pause)

When you feel in complete control of your body, you receive a beautiful surprise: you are lying on the soft grass of a large cleared field, and you feel as if you are lying on a fluffy cloud. As you look around a little more, you can see the wonderful warm glow of the sun and hear the singing of birds filling you with a great sense of tranquillity.

A gentle breeze blows from side to side, allowing you to breathe a large amount of fresh air into your lungs, filling them with serenity. The beauty of the place is perfectly complemented by the total silence, leaving you with a deep peace and harmony that you happily accept to relax completely.

Witnessing the flight of the birds and the blooming of the flowers makes you think that you never imagined living something as fascinating as this. This magical experience gives you immense happiness that goes from your head to the last of your toes, giving you a beautiful smile on your face. You feel your heart pounding in your chest, allowing you to enjoy the fact that you are alive, thankful to be there.

(Middle pause)

As you enjoy the perfect place you are in, you feel your body and mind in a deep state of contentment, giving your soul immense joy and peace that translates into fantastic well-being that manifests in every cell of your body.

Then you begin to feel totally fulfilled and in total connection with all the good that the Universe has to give you because now you understand: you are worthy of all this and much more.

(Short pause)

  • You are someone capable of achieving happiness, peace, and well-being for your life.

  • You are light and love.

  • You are a loved human being capable of love.

  • The Universe has fascinating things in store for you.

  • You find joy in the practice of meditation, and all its bountiful benefits embrace you.

  • You are in the present, living in the here and now in harmony with all around you.

(Middle pause)

Allow yourself to reconnect with your body, with the sounds and smells around you. When you feel ready, you can open your eyes. Try to perceive what state you are in... How do your body and mind feel? Perhaps more relaxed?

It's okay if you had many thoughts today, and it was hard to calm your mind. Remember that constant practice will help you on this healing path.

I am grateful that you have given yourself this moment just for you. You deserve it, dear friend. See you soon.



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